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Angry argh.


Wow I am truly irritated. I just had a skype conversation with my sister which ended up with me becoming really angry over the whole "why don't we get married business". Like there is something pathologically wrong with us for not doing that. I was trying to avoid telling her what happened with DH's mom on St. Pat's evening when she got her neighbour to ambush me over it in lieu of her talking to me/us about it. I had successfully avoided discussion with her
and did not want to tell my sister of the whole event because she has bothered me about the whole thing off and on as well. What gets me is that with my sister she simply doesn't *hear* me until I have a certain level of excitement/anger/animation in my voice and I do not like to get there or get pushed there. It's like if I am not *emotional* enough somehow it's not real/true/serious. I do not like to go there as I grew up like that with someone who lived to get those kinds of reactions out of you and then, when you were at the peak would turn it around and say "look how unreasonable you are". It was always a trap and I always fell for it and it makes me really angry and so here I am fuming. My sister said "I never knew you felt so strongly about it" even though I have been telling her for years. What she never saw was how angry it makes me to be pushed on this. Man.

OK and now onto other things. I am tracking today *credit* weighed in this morning: 269.4 *credit* and have planned my food for the day and my exercise for the week. I re-charged my fitbit *credit* and am continuing to read my new book with my new plan but am following my fitbit plan until I implement whatever changes I need to do to incorporate the book's ideas. For today I will have no sugar because it is not a good thing for me to eat. I will have fruit, fresh and/or frozen instead. I will alos drink some tea today and some water. I will head to the gym today and use the treadmill or the bicycle and do 20minutes on it.

Thanks for listening to my ranting yet again.

I plan to be on plan today = my only true goal for the day.
Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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