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Happy Sunday Morning girls,

A rather uneventful day yesterday. Went to Walmart, picked up some things. For a change their produce was better looking than usual so I got some fresh stuff as well as staples. Also stopped at the drug store (chemist Shad) and picked up a few things on sale. Forgot to get more Epsom salts tho. Finished the day picking up a new book on reserve at the library - James Patterson's Guilty Wives. My Mom was raving about it - said it was kinda scary so we'll see. Believe it or not, I have never read a James Patterson book before.

Today we are going for a burger at one of our favorite places before they shut down for the month. Snowmobile trails close April 1 (whether there is snow or not) so that ushers in a very dead time around here. Too cold to come to the cabins, nothing to do in the way of recreation so many places around here shut down in the months of March and April to get a rest before the busy summer season starts up May 1. At least that means spring is headed up to the northwoods. Yesterday was a nice day - very sunny, very little wind and things are melting and dripping. Today looks the same. Tomorrow we can either get rain or another snow storm.

Later today is a fund raiser for the Humane Society - will hit that up too although just probably briefly.

Shad - you had QUITE the walk yesterday. Bet that tuckered you out. Can't feel bad about that though. What happened at the office on Friday?

Susie - congratulations on the pounds lost! I guess having the painters come is good motivation for getting that spare room cleaned out!

Ceejay- sorry your back is bothering you. Rest up on your time off.

Hi Terra

Laura - a sit in the Jacuzzi is the best part of a water workout Glad to hear you got your taxes done. Hope you had a nice workout at Jazzercise.

Annie - glad to hear Royce is a sleeper - that helps a lot to keep some routine and structure at home. Sorry about the rejections - I believe that a lot of times they post jobs and they already know who they want to fill them Don't lose hope!

Michelle - ouch on the bursitis - one of the things they told me was that the muscles being stiff and knotted contributes to the fluid build up in the bursa. Hence the exercises for you. Did they not offer a cortisone shot or is it not that tight yet? Hope you feel better.

Pattience - how did your day at the market go?

I'd best get on with the day. Talk to you later ladies. Enjoy your Sunday.
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