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Default Sunday Night - barely started

Hi Coaches

Some great and inspiring posts thanks. I am very behind with work - I have been at it today but couldn't get any coherence. I now have a narrative of sorts in my head so might finish in a couple of hours - sigh.

I am trying really hard to stay away from the roller coaster of things going great and then suddenly getting derailed somehow. I think I am on plan and then I notice little things have gone astray, and I find myself slipping in small unregistered ways. The constant vigilance that is necessary to stay on plan and on course is sometimes irksome and if I didn't come here everyday and read bits of Beck and my A&R cards it would be easy to drift away and into unbridled eating! It is this cycle which means I am saying exactly the same things I was saying in 2010 - it is weird and I am sick of it . Also the sense of failure and the negative self-talk when I slip or mess up is far more destructive than the actual food of course. And also "of course" Beck has said all that. Tonight I will eat food of unknown calorie content because I haven't got time to enter it as a recipe in MFP - but I have logged my popcorn!

Ate on plan today - so far but last night had unplanned popcorn. I think it has to leave the building. Not much left fortunately
Planned food for tomorrow - half the day
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed in and logged weight - yes - same
I did planned exercises - none planned and just made 5000
I didn't eat standing up - 80% - grating cheese for dinner
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 3 - and downloaded (and paid for) his weight loss hypnotherapy recording - sucked in but haven't listened to it yet
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - walking tomorrow and in evening will plan food for week

Short Term Goal

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