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Originally Posted by pattygirl63 View Post
I'm not giving up on the fiber. I know the importance of eating it. I am babying my tummy right now so my fiber is low today, but calories and sodium is good. 1487 calories, 1451 mg sodium and fiber 12 g. I will try to keep my fiber around 15 g or so and then work at building the fiber back up slowly once my stomach is feeling better. Until then I will focus on keeping my calories and sodium down. My plan will be to gradually up my fiber grams to between 25 & 30 grams. Hoping that I can do that.

I edited to add this that I wrote on diabetic thread. I had forgotten this.

When I was in my late 20, I had colitis. I haven't suffered with it in so many years that I had forgotten about it. Today, I remembered that the doctor I had back then told me that I had to be careful eating a lot of roughage/fiber because I could not eat a lot of it because it caused my colon to go into spasms. I took medicine for it for years. I'm not going to have it again so I will be careful and eat it in moderation.

I looked up indigestion on MedMd and it suggests eating small meals about every 2 hours. I never wanted to do that, but I think I will try doing it. In fact, I think Intuitive Eating principles will help with that as it says to eat about every 2 hours and eat only as much as needed to satisfy without feeling stuffed.

I'll still here sharing what I learn as I do this if that is fine with everyone.
25-30 grams of fiber is excellent, Trish! That's still high fiber.

Boy, I think we are soul twins in some ways. Both my sister and I had spastic colitis in my 20's and she was in her 30's- we had to go on a broth and jello diet for a few days, eat only canned veggies- no frozen or fresh or any roughage, and I was told to avoid any grains for at least two months- wheat, oats, barley, even rice- all were no-no's until we got back on track. I think ours was stress induced, to be honest- our mother was a very demanding and possessive mother, very hard to please, and we were both very stressed out a lot dealing with her. The doctor told both my sister and I that if we didn't both calm down stress wise and take better care of ourselves, we would end up with colon cancer- that was a scary eye opener! So, I don't blame you for being worried and nervous. If you don't feel comfortable, don't do it. right now, I would cut out high fiber wheat products- just get your fiber from fruits, veggies, legumes, and the Polaner all fruit spreads. Also, stay away from any seeds and nuts for a few days, re try them another time when you are feeling better and see if you can tolerate them. I hope you feel better soon, Trish!

I don't care if you don't stick to high fiber- please do continue to post in this thread- I'd miss you very much! I really love talking to you and all the other gals in here, you all make my day and have helped me stay motivated.

By the way, way to go on your exercise! You are doing fabulous!

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