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Hi. I am happy to report a 1.2 lb loss at TOPS on Thursday night. It felt good to see the scales go down. I swear that this time I'm not going to put it back on and have to re-loose it. I have been doing that over and over for sometime now.

I didn't get all done what I had planned while DH took Layna shopping. A friend that I used to work with, called to let me know that her dad was killed in a farming accident a couple of days ago. I wasn't able to go to the wake on Friday night so I went to the funeral this morning. My heart hurts for my friend.

I did get the regular house work done but nothing done in cleaning out he spare room or the office. So, I will be working on that during the week this week after work.

Happy: I'm 48 and I miss my boods sitting up high on my chest! You made me laugh! Thank you for that. While I'm not as "free" as you are since you are in retirement I can say that being 48 and turning 49 on June 7 this year. There is a feeling that I don't put up with a lot of things anymore that i put up with in my 20's and 30's and it feels good.

I am thrilled to hear that you love the new yoga instructor. Also, yow clever of you for coming up with the floor plan.

Pattience: TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly and yes it is a weight-loss support group.

Annie: I am hoping that they can get closer to the $$ you need. Is it something you think you would like?

Ceejay: I hope your visit with your friend will be a good, and relaxing one.

Terra: You are making good progress! Out on the 300 and heading under 295..keep it up.

Laura; I love how you do so many differnt workouts. You should become an instructor! I hear you what you are saying about MFP not giving you credit for the strength training. It used to bother me until a friend of mine told me that i shouldn't worry about it, because in order to show a loss I didn't need to "eat" my workout calories. Just something to think about.

Shad: Sounds like Friday wasa bit of a rough day at work. I'm sure you got everyone straightened out! as you should!

Michelle: How is your shoulder feeling.

If I left anyone off..I'm sorry...I'm getting sleepy and need to head to bed.

See you all tomorrow.
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