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I consider what I'm doing as intuitive eating. I eat a clean, whole food diet, but I am not counting calories and I am not forcing myself to eat food I don't want just because they are "ideal". I have a long history of binge, starve, excessive exercising and even a little laxative abuse at one point several years ago.

Not counting calories is HARD! I can relate to this need to go "back on a diet". And a big trigger is an event! omg, I hate when a future event comes up, especially when I'll be seeing people I haven't seen in a while! I really have to fight the urge to diet. But I can't because once I go down that road, I eat less and less and I feel guilty for every thing I eat, not to mention, the calorie counting is obsessive. I cannot do that again. I hope to go the rest of my life an never count a calorie again.

Its hard to let go of dieting. I don't consider this a diet. I just feed my body well and eat when I need to. And the weight *is* coming off, I weighed 209 lbs at Christmas...I do dread when the weightloss slows because that will make me want to diet step at a time I guess.

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