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Thanks for the compliments.

Pattience I don't mean to be unhelpful. I don't even count portion size. But I will give you an average day.

Breakfast 'bulletproof' coffee. Say 8 ounce coffee with a tablespoon of grass fed butter and tablespoon of coconut oil. A 'healthy skoop' breakfast drink. I think 6 carbs. Sometimes 1 egg.

Lunch. Say 3 ounces of turkey breast, 2 ounces of hard cheese, 5 grape tomatoes, carrot, bell pepper.

Dinner 6 ounce grass fed steak, spinach salad, flaxseed oil and vinegar dressing, 4 ounces asaparagus. Often a decaf bulletproof coffee. And a little half and half each time. Sometimes say 3 ounces of cottage cheese with 4 raspberries for a snack.
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