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Afternoon all.

Ceejay – The 15-bean soup sounds good and filling. I don’t mind meatless meals, but bf isn’t all that keen on them. Sure hope you can work out the timing for a weekend in Branson!!

Terra – Too bad you can’t have Clyde with you when you walk. Do you enjoy listening to music while you walk?

Michelle – Sorry to hear about your rotator cuff issues. They can be painful – I’ve had pain in both shoulders on the past due to rotator cuff issues. None at the moment, or I should say, none that makes any difference. Right now all I feel is minor pain in my left shoulder when I try to place my arm behind my back and lift it up as far as I can do with my right arm. No biggie compared to what I’ve experienced in the past. I hope the rest and anti-inflammatories help you. So very nice of you to help w/ cleaning at B’s. You’re a good friend!!

Happy – Glad the AIC level is good. What a great idea doing a layout of the store to help recall all the inventory at the time of the fire. It’ll help w/ the insurance recovery I’m sure. Sorry to hear the vertigo and leg/back pain persist. Great you’ve gotten a deal on the pool passes!!! I know you’ve been wanting to do pool workouts (or was it just sitting in the Jacuzzi?? LOL). I’m thinking I’ll buy a kickboard and give the pool at the gym a try for non-swimming workouts. There are many ways to use the kickboard for both cardio and resistance workouts. I’ve seen one of those geico labby commercials, but not all. I might have to do a special viewing doggies!!

Annie – Great to hear about the interview going well, too bad the money’s not there...yet. Hope they can do something about that. Yes, I’m still doing challenges, but not tracking anything online. I'm on day 7 of both the pushup and plank challenges!! Stopped tracking activity on mfp because I don’t get much cardio, and I don’t get calorie “credit” for the strength work I do.

Shad – How was the niece’s b-day gathering? Sorry Friday went bad for you. Bleh. Have a nice walk this weekend. This morning was gray as can be here, but now it’s sunny!

Hi Susie!! How's the cleanup in the spare room going?

Went to Jazzercise this morning and have gotten both state and fed taxes filed. Whoohoo! Glad that’s done. Have laundry loads in the washer and dryer to deal with. And lunch and a dog walk. On with the day!


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