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Good Morning, Coaches.

Weight one pound from ticker. Food is in MFP and Pilates is planned. Credit for shopping Grocery Outlet (a weekly ritual) and saying "No" to a double pack of two pound Velveeta loaves priced at an amazing $3.00. This is the cheese I use for Mac and Cheese (mom/s recipe) - the ultimate junk rabbit hole food. I stood with the four pounds in my hands and thought how DS would love me, how I could freeze the 8 casseroles it would make, how I could bring it to my extended family. Then I remembered - it wasn't really food - oh yes! It was a chemistry experiment of fat, sugar and salt and was too expensive for our bodies (in terms of health) at any price. I put it down and bought some small dairy produced Vermont extra sharp cheddar. Phew!

6crowsgold: Huge credit for six pounds gone. Wow!
I am at the place where I usually give up and not make myself lose the last three pounds. Maintenence for me is three pounds plus or minus 150 but I am virtually never minus three I do think my body has a set point which it prefers. To bust through to a lower set point I must be very willing to go to bed hungry, sit while eating and (most importantly) log everything.

nationalparker: You sound very content this morning, happy to have a weekend. It is a rare blustery day here. DH has taken DS to the wrestling tourni and I am gifted with a rare Saturday at home without a long list of to dos. I am hoping to let myself enjoy it.

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