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I actually use Herbalife as well currently. I also found the shakes a bit blech at first until I started mixing them- a scoop of two different flavors for a mocha latte or a vanilla latte flavor and that helped drastically. I do the shakes, and I absolutely love the bars they have. Instead of replacing meals though, I use them as a 'snack' between meals, due to the protein in them after I am finished working out in strength training. I will have a shake between breakfast and lunch and a bar between lunch and dinner.

Another thing to try, which I do on occasion is after I make the shake, I will stuff it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and get a nice cold milk shake from it, which has also improved it.

I don't use the products so much as a weight loss cure- I use them more as supplements with the strength training, which they are really good for, keeping up the energy and endurance levels for it.

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