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Good Morning! The sun is shining, just a breeze blowing, and it's supposed to be in the 50s by afternoon. I hope so. I've been on the phone with a customer support person who actually spoke English! I have a friend who uses a Shark steam mop which we borrowed, and it works much better than the one I have now. I ordered one and Bob put it together this morning. There are two heads, a rectangle one and a smaller triangle one. I was missing the smaller one which fits behind the toilet. This is my gripe about Amazon -- they often order/ship from a different company and that's what happened. The machines have two different model numbers. The rep said what I ordered and what I got is the same machine although they have different numbers. When I explained about the triangle piece she said, "oh!" So they are sending the missing piece plus extra cleaning pads for my inconvenience. Not bad for a few minutes on the phone. Bob is off on his Saturday morning rounds and I need to do some laundry then work on the afghan. I'll get that done yet, just wish it were smaller so I could take it with me when I know I'm going to have to wait somewhere.

Bob has mentioned painting the smaller bedroom where my pc is located. He thinks he needs his own desk in there. I'm not sure how sharing space is going to work. Summer will be ok because he can spend hours putting in the garage and out in the yard. Winter, I'm concerned about!

Maggie -- Last summer when I called for a mammogram appointment, which I have always made myself, I was told I needed the order to come from my doctor. Not a problem but took extra time leaving a voice mail for his nurse, and her to let me know they faxed the order. Glad to hear Will has no pain with his tooth. The post part does sound like pain though. I've been going through some old recipes, but one came up on Facebook last night. It's called Shipwreck and Bob's mom used to fix it. It's actually a scout recipe Bob made in tinfoil over a camp fire: hamburger, onion, potatoes, carrots, and tomato soup. This recipe added rice and celery. I remember it smelling so good.

"Gma" -- Do you think there might be people staying in the condo when the workmen aren't there? How very rude of them to block your driveway! Did they move their vehicles for you? We had the Iowa game on last night, they couldn't do anything right and Connecticut couldn't miss. Bob said there were a couple of bad ref calls against Iowa. They were behind the whole game, usually 10-12 points, but came back to lose by 4. I will have to look for the "Cat Who" books.

I am dressed and need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a sunny nice day!

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