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I'm going to take a different spin on what you said.

The first time I lost the weight (close to 60 pounds) I never felt skinny. I know I looked skinny and that my clothes were smaller and I shopped for new clothes every week because I was so small but I never felt skinny---or I never got rid of that idea that I was no longer a fat chick. Does that make sense? I always felt like the fat girl. Anyway, that was to my detriment because as soon as I hit 145 *boom* I was 146, then 150, then 155, then 165 and back to 207. Then of course at my fattest, I never thought I was that fat--until I was wearing yoga pants to work everyday.

I guess my point is this: The more you accept the fact that you are getting skinnier the more likely you are to not ride the roller coaster any more.

I, of course, should listen to my own advice because I started to roller coaster AGAIN and gained back 15 pounds. Maybe the third time is the charm for me? Maybe.

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