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Happy weekend! I awoke early this morning to sleet/rain pinging the windows at 5:30 a.m. ... it's still coming down, alternating, and I decided a fire would be a relaxing way to start a weekend day that will be filled with misc home chores. DH is sleeping later today after a week of 4:30 a.m. starts. I have complete silence with the exception of the wind/rain/fireflicking and cat purring on my lap. At this moment, I want for nothing. I know I won't have my older cat much longer, but of course, hope for as long as I can while she's well, so I treasure the time she snuggles up on me. I've had her nearly 1/3 of my life. Healthy, light breakfast has me on a good track early on today.

We started discussing the idea of building an outdoor fireplace ... I still need to finish up (well, DO) my project from last summer that I never was able to figure out and for which I have a few hundred pavers piled up ... still. I've reworked it in my mind now that I can see it with no snow and think I have a solution to make it smaller and more doable for now. Sometimes I have to realize that good enough is good enough and I am not Martha Stewart and don't have her workers. Or her money. Or her ability. I bought two lovely pots on clearance last week - and I can picture them with small arborvitae in them and as a centerpiece on the patio table... I'm looking forward to the nurseries stocking up.

Snow is starting now with the falling temps. I hope we'll eat at home tonight before the theatre ... control the calories a bit more.

C'mon spring! I splurged and bought a magazine yesterday of Dream Decks and Patios and I think DH groans when he sees that come in the house. I have shown him oh, about 20 pictures so far. I know we won't have these $$$ home additions, but the ideas in the nooks/corners are what I love. Sorry for the non-Beck's posts, really, just random thoughts as I check in here lately. I am back under 170, but just BARELY.

So close ... now so far!
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