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Pattience not me. One of the awesome things about low carb is I haven't had to do any counting or any label reading the past 10 months. I obviously choose foods low in carbs but I don't micro manage.

I guess it is as close as you can get to intuitive eating.

I eat predominantly whole foods. People don't emphasize this is the base of any good diet. I get my veggies, fats, best quality meats, cheeses, and its simple and effortless at this point.

One thing I just found out about is resistant starch. People should Google it. It goes to the gut to feed our good bacteria. I am using raw potato starch in drinks. Not awesome to drink. But I am going to try for a couple of weeks, see how it goes.

I am in Onederland BTW. First time since high school and I am 48. At early 30s I was 340 and could barely walk. Now I run 3 miles routinely 2 or 3 times a week.

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