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Good morning gals. It rained and thundered overnight and is cool this morning, but our warm up begins and looks like we are well on our way to spring finally. I was woken from sleep by something in the vacant condo next door. I went to the door, turned on the light and leaned my head out the door and what a racket. Something turned on, and the only thing out there is the AC unit, but it sounded like a million locusts making noise all at once. It turned off just a minute ago, but I sure hope we don't have to deal with that all the time. I climbed all over the guys working yesterday for blocking my garage with their vehicles when I got home from shopping. I told him not to park there again that they weren't allowed to block people's garages. I was tired, needed to eat and my knee was killing me so I was not kind. It won't do any good, they do what the heck they darn well please.

Today is commissary day. Oh what fun, but at least Jack's ribs aren't hurting now and he can carry in groceries. Let me tell you doing that is a job in itself. Carrying up the laundry is a chore too because I can't walk up stairs without the rail so these past few weeks I have had to clunk the basket up a few stairs then climb up after it and so on until I got to the top where I would shove it onto the landing and climb up the rest of the way. I have been doing smaller loads too as I have had to carry it downstairs and can only carry it one handed so I can hold onto the rail so the basket can't be completely full. So besides the fact I am glad he is no longer hurting, I am sure glad he can go back to doing chores he has always done for me.

Jack started watching basketball tourney stuff last night and gave up on them when they seemed to get out of hand points wise. Tennessee almost won though. They caught up, (Jack had to check before going to bed of course) and were even, but lost by 2 pts in the last couple seconds of the game. I don't know how Iowa did.

Jean: You have never read the "Cat Who" books? Oh my gosh. You are sure to be able to get them on your Ipad or at the library. The author is Lillian Jackson Braun and she wrote about 25 of the things. They are an easy read though the first one or two I think the main character hadn't adopted KoKo. The man character is a newspaperman and KoKo is this cat who is super smart and can "solve" things. I think you would like them. They aren't very involved and I can sit down and read them through pretty quickly. The first in the series is The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.
Try to read them in order as the guy's life progresses and he ends up with 2 Siamese through most of the books, a female named Yum Yum joins the cast. If you need a list of the books, google her or the cat who books and wikipedia has a list.

Maggie: Hope Will feels better and better with the tooth thing. Sounds like you are getting things going for the rv. I am sure you are anxious to get the show on the road.

Well, I hear Jack up and around. Have a great day all. Faye
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