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Default Saturday

Diet coaches

Did gym and stayed on plan so far today and the rest of the day is planned. I find gym a bit dull I have to say. I mainly do strength training because I don't feel up to the floor classes yet but perhaps I should look for some "doable" classes to sustain my interest. The PT says to stay away from the aqua if time per week is limited because it won't give the benefits I need. And the info on osteoporosis agrees. So need to find something to keep my interest on one of my visits. Most of them look a bit OTT I have to say - not sure that something called Shockwave would do it for me.

I kept walking around today denying myself things - I would have a random impulse to eat something and then I would have to say no because it wasn't on plan. I wasn't that interested in it but it was in my horizon of noticing and the impulse was to eat it. Not today

I am trying to use a budgetting program and it is driving me nuts. I usually put everything in an XL spreadsheet but I am fairly amateur at doing that. This program at least deals with recurring payments automatically but for the life of me I cannot work out how much money I have that is not allocated. And I think in fortnight period where it forces me into reconciling transactions in a month. I need a whole day to come to grips with it [which I think will be worth it] but I haven't got that time

BillBE - credit for taking a gym class with a fairly confronting name - and for improving as you do it. Credit for good enough on plan - I need to aim for that at least

ForMyGirls - glad you survived your horror month and welcome back . I am still in the thick of a horror 8 weeks (3 weeks to go) and then get 5 weeks respite thankfully to catch up on other work

CeeJay - Yay for moving on from a temporary glitch. Credit for catching yourself early and for posting when things are not perfect. Back on the horse and listening to the motivational ap

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I still haven't really figured out your various locations because I have dropped in and out. A swim shack over the mountains seems pretty grand. Hope the vinyl got put in its place and credit for "food has been acceptable"

Gardenerjoy - sympathy for allergies and dealing with the ramifications. Love your metaphor for the impact of good intentions

flnu - it's true! It is so possible to achieve personal bests when new to an activity or exercise. I like the positive spin on that. Yay for 2 pounds down - hope it is still there tomorrow

Nationalparker - Glad work is flexible and making it easy for you to care for your parents. You can't second guess what others [family] will think of your behaviour - you can only satisfy your own expectations and you are on track for that. Glad your "guilty weight" has lifted. I work from home [telework] a lot but don't have a lot of surveillance. As long as the job gets done no problem.

6crowsgold - still nothing to report on the fasting front but am thinking about what I might 'eat'. Wishing success for Saturday's weigh in.

Maryann - credt for approaching maintenance weight. And kudos for taking stock of the value and impact of relationships. Love your thoughts about the people who are in our lives. Whatever I do with the veggie drawer will not be too creative unfortunately - I am not the most interested cook in the world. Love food but hate preparing it

(AZ)Tricia - your usual high powered and full day by the look of it. You are fitting in a lot of exercise so credit. Your grandmother sounds worthy of emulation. Enjoy your quiet day - I am sure they are rare

Sorry - I seem to have rambled!

Ate on plan today - totally
Planned food for tomorrow - not yet
I logged food as I ate it - yes - to the mg
Weighed in and logged weight - yes - up 1.2 pounds
I did planned exercises - went to gym and walked 6000 steps so far
I didn't eat standing up - 90%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2
Scheduled time for diet and exercise - desk day tomorrow after dog walk

Short Term Goal

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