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Originally Posted by pattygirl63 View Post
Hi Shannon. It is true that losing weight is the best thing for controlling diabetes. However, it isn't easy to do. We seem to have a tendency to go through a period of denial before we get to the place to where we can finally realize that it is true and then we seem to settle down and start working at it. It takes time to work it out in our minds that we have to do something and do it.

We all have learned that One Diet doesn't fit all. What one diabetic can eat doesn't mean that every diabetic can eat it. Do you test your fasting blood sugar in the mornings to see how that runs? Most of us at one time or another have have used our meters to learn how foods affect our blood sugars. That is how we have learned that there are some foods that we cannot eat and others that we can.

Ask questions as that is how you learn. We are hear to help you. Good luck on your journey.
Hi Trish! Right after that last dr appt I bought more strips and for a week or so tested my FBS daily and random meals/food items. I learned a little but kind of burned out on pricking (yeah, I know it's just something to get over, lol) and stopped and since have only tested if I felt weird or had symptoms I was concerned could be high BS. My highest high PP was in the 150s, my FBS runs 99-120. My A1c in Dec was 6.2%. For a month after that appt I started not eating as much of the starchy carbs and lost 8 lbs pretty quickly. But TOM came and I saw a gain over a couple weeks and I kind of lost heart. Now it's a couple months later and I'm ready to try again.

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