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So sorry to hear ladies that you are having stomach issues. I know it took me about two months to get to where I am eating in high fiber- 60-70 grams a day. Every week, I increased it by 3-4 grams per week, and making sure I drank lots of water to help clean it out without problems. If you increase it too fast, stomach discomfort is very common.

I would just eat fruits, veggies, legumes, juices from the NutriBullet, and some Polaner preserves in yogurt for now, and then try one 1/2 of an English muffin/ 1/2 of a high fiber bar, or one piece of toast the next week. Slowly building up should prevent issues with your stomach, so long as again, you're drinking plenty of water to help flush it out. Also, could you ladies be having a problem with wheat products in general? The pastas and breads are mostly wheat, and some folks can't tolerate too much of it. My youngest daughter is gluten free- let me tell you, it's really fun cooking and pasta dishes/salads in my house, between her gluten free pasta, my high fiber pasta, and the rest of the family's regular pasta. Perhaps it is the wheat that is causing you ladies problems.

Whatever you ladies decide to do, I wish you all the best. I'll miss everyone in this thread, but I can understand if you need to switch diets around because this one makes you uncomfortable. Best of luck with your weight loss!

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