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Yay Sunster!!!!!! Stay in the 160s.... I will be there in a few months. Lol.

Holly, how is work going? I cannot believe the RB did not do anything to the customer.

Colleen, wow, I cannot believe the grandbaby is 2..... life zooms by....

Reda, How are you?

So, I did get to eat..... I actually ate a fried egg last night at our normal place on Thursdays (little Bar and Grill)...... they fixed it for me special..... I got a little of the white down and yolk, and 3/4 of ONE French fry.
Today I was not so lucky with the egg. I got sick and had to come home b/c I did not want to throw up in the hospitals toilets (we lease a space in the hospital). I just got down about 2 ounces of unbreaded fish.... I am trying really hard to keep my protein where it needs to be.... and stay hydrated. I am having a VERY hard time of it.... but I think it is normal.
My incision is healing really well now. It is "closed" some.... just a little more to go.
I went to my doctor yesterday...... Good news.... I have lost 29.2 pounds (today is my month since surgery-- I hate the word surgiversary)...... but I am dehydrated It is so hard trying to make yourself drink by just sipping..... but hey, that is what I signed up for.

Thanks for listening to my troubles.... I know it is going to turn around.

I am going to get off here.... it is starting to storm.
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