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Good Afternoon, Coaches.

Weight this morning was within a pound of maintenance. Phew! Food is planned. Took a step class and am treating myself to a new pair of glass frames. The last couple of days have been about maintaining self in the midst of changing relationships. I have always been terrified of rejection - being voted "off" the island so to speak if I make a mistake (or just for being myself.) So I have been the chameleon. I am trying to make different choices today. I want to foster relationships that are based on healthy values and not fear. So I am letting a few people go, trying to further the bonds of a few others on my terms, but mostly waiting for an intuitive action or decision as to what my purpose is in any given relationship. I do believe the following:

Some people are in my life for a season, some for a reason and a special few for a lifetime.

6crowsgold: I turned 50 in December and I weigh less than I did as a freshman in high school. Age and time are no restraint when one's goal is peace with food.

flnu: Great attitude "everything I do is a personal best." I am going to try that this week.

AZtricia: Do you a your own rotisserie? What brand?

nationalparker: Kudos for using the china. Mine is my grandmother's Franciscan apple china and I use it everyday. It makes me think of her and my childhood.

GosfordGirl: I love having the time to clean out the veggie drawer - to use things up and get creative with the menu. I have found some terrific recipes as a result.

BBE: Sometimes I want to never leave the house. There is little to overeat here even if hubby is late.

ForMyGirls: Welcome back.

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