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Happy - What a cool idea for the radio station to do an auction...kind of like ebay or groupon for local businesses. Sounds like you scored big on some really good stuff! What a nice savings you got! I'm so glad you like your new yoga class. She sounds like a great instructor. I really enjoy the relaxation parts even more than the poses. I wish I could breathe out the pain in my back and shoulder. That's great your A1C is so good!! Well done! Well done also on the HDL, that's always been a tough one for me to get up to the normal range. Good for you about the triglycerides. Thanks for the info about the saturated fats and plant sterols and Benecol Smart Chews. I'm sorry to hear that your knee and leg are still causing you pain, and that your vertigo is causing you problems. That's good you were able to come up with a floor plan of contents for the thrift store. I'm sure that will help tremendously at the meeting. It's good of you to go to the fundraiser, but I know what you mean about sometimes you'd rather just donate the money than be around the tempting, fattening food. I will definitely be careful with my back when cleaning for B. I try and help out where I can. The yoga instructor I really like teaches on Tuesday nights about a 40 minute drive away and Sunday afternoons (except for this Sunday) about a 10 minute drive away. So other than this Sunday, I'll be a regular at her Sunday class. Not sure about Tuesday nights. I will check out the yoga classes at the gym too. Thanks for calling me the Zumba queen! I really did love to do Zumba. Those commercials sound great!! That's so cool that you turned one of your bedrooms into a guitar room for your DH.

Shad - I had another idea for a thread title "Worldies are Actively Achieving our Aspirations in April"

Terra - Happy's suggestion of putting Clyde in a baby stroller is really good if he'll stay there. Or maybe walk him a little bit and carry him the rest of the way. I had to do that with one of my dogs when we signed up for a short 1 or 2 mile doggie walkathon to raise money for an animal charity. She walked about halfway and then sat down stubbornly saying, "I'm done. I'm not moving for anything." So I carried her the rest of the way. She was about 20 lbs, so she got pretty heavy after awhile, but we finished.

Well, time to get back to it. I was able to get an appointment this afternoon with the doc to have her look at my shoulder. Hopefully she'll be able to do something even though she's a general practitioner.

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1) Consume less than 120 grams of carbs, 30 grams of sugar and 1,100 net calories (factoring in exercise) 2) Exercise 6 days per week at least 45 minutes per day
3) Follow the Bariatric surgery eating plan
4) Make the most of each moment
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