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Exclamation Challenge: Most weeks with a loss!

Most weeks with a loss!

Name  Week        Date Weight Change Loss/Gain/Same Score
AAD    3/23-29   3/29  216.2     -.3          Loss                       1
Here is my idea ... Earn a point each week if you post in this challenge and have lost weight or stayed the same compared to the previous week.

Weeks will run from Sunday to Saturday, but you can post at any time during the week. I will update everybody's scores after the end of each week. Post as often as you want to each week, I will use your last post of each week.

If your weight is lower than the previous week, you get 1 point. If it is the same, your score stays the same. And if you gain you lose 1 point. You also lose a point when you don't post at all during the week. Scores won't go negative, so your score can't go below 0.

You can start this anytime because it is not a contest against each other, just a challenge to get your score as high as you can.

Let's go!

[P.S. If anybody can teach me a better way to make the scoresheet look more like a table (with the columns lined up), I would love to learn that! Thanks!]

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