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Dang, lost part of my post again. Not sure if it's me, this laptop or this site.

Michelle - you are a real angel friend to help out with B. That's the kind of thing to do for someone - see what they need and just do it. Just be careful of your back while cleaning. And as far as the yoga goes, keep sampling until you find a teacher(s) that you enjoy. This one I just started - I have been trying to get into her class for over a year - she is very popular - and I can see why - as a result, there are very few openings in her classes. And you know what will work best for you. Funny when Pattience mentioned Zumba - you will always and forever be my immediate reaction to Zumba as you ARE the Zumba queen. I hope your back allows you to get back to that again because you loved it so.

Terra - when you walk, do you have specific goals in mind - do you walk a certain route or a specific distance or a certain amount of minutes or do you just walk until you are done for the night? The important thing is to just get out. Sometimes I think too much about it and miss my opportunity. It's too bad that Clyde can't keep up with you. Maybe you have to put him in a baby stroller so he can get some air with you.

Ceejay - I remember those 15 bean soup mixes! How nice - how did the soup come out? Did you add meat or just make it vegetarian? What a healthy and filling meal. I think a trip to Branson is a wonderful idea. You've been stressed a lot at work, would be nice to have a break and something to look forward to. Sorry your back is hurting - I think naps on rainy days are the best too. Especially if you have the window open a bit and fall asleep to the sounds of falling rains.

Laura - I like your suggestion for a thread title for April. Congrats on skipping stopping for a snack. There are so many places downtown that have tempting little goodies - I'm drooling just thinking of some of them . I found that I snacked / ate a whole lot more when I was working because I was bored or stressed. Ick on having to rake up the wet leaves from the fall Oh well, frost damaged impatiens and begonias are worse to deal with. Nice to hear tho that your weather is improving. My Mom said they were talking about it kissing the 60's soon. Ahhhh spring at last! Yikes, that was kind of scary with Coal and the installer. Glad nothing serious happened. Not sure if I would have left the pup alone with a stranger. Heck I'm so paranoid I would not have left the house with a stranger in it I guess you have to know and work with your dog's quirks. Like many of them hate people with hats on for some reason. That just made me think of Geico commercials they run up this way. 2 of them involving a family of Golden Labs I think. "Dad" is driving, Mom in the front seat and 3 "kids" in the back including an adorable puppy strapped into a baby seat In one commercial they are driving along and all of a sudden Dad barks and then the whole car starts barking - including the baby. The scene flashes to the opposite side of the road where a mail truck is passing by. After they cross paths the dogs get quiet again and keep driving. The other commercial they stop at a stop sigh. Dad gives an audible "uhhhh" and walking across a street is a French poodle in all her strutting finery whispering in French. Dad is gazing at the sweetie when all of a sudden there is a low growl from "Mom" Dad turns his attention back to driving and takes off. I don't know what the commercials are about, I just love watching them. I love a good clever commercial.

Pattience - as Michelle said, we change thread titles once a month and we always include the word Worldies somewhere in the title. Also the last post includes a link to the new thread to make it easier to find us. Good luck with the pants - it will be interesting to see what sells at the market. I would love working with all the different fabrics. Is your season tied to tourists or just better weather and more people out and about in the markets?

Shad - yes I am quite happy that I am retired, I think I would just be unbearable to live with if I had to still be mired in the corporate mess - particularly if it involved the insanity of converting to SAP. Is there an official age of retirement out your way (superannuation benefits?) or do you just have to work until you can afford not to? I guess nothing ever came of your friend's idea to start a training facility? That's a bummer. Did you enjoy a few relaxing drinks on knock off Friday???

Annie - how did the interview go? I was sending good thoughts your way all the time, even if I wasn't posting. It is almost time to start thinking of starting your garden. How are the grandkids doing? Is Royce a sleeper? How is C doing? Still working himself to the bone?

Susie - it sounds as if your workout room will be quite nice when you are finished with it. I think it's smart to transition it from a not very used space to something that will benefit you more. We don't get a lot of company either (not sure if that is a good thing or not) but we too decided that we will use our house for our happiness so one spare bedroom (that can be easily converted) is now DH's guitar room. And I held off getting cats because I was afraid people would be allergic. Turns out the cats were the best "guests" and they have brought a lot of love into our lives. Hopefully you can get the same pleasures from your new room. Even if you can sneak in 30 minutes a day - that is helpful. Did you enjoy your "mommy fix" ? I have to smile, I enjoyed the nieces and nephews when they were young for the same reason. Always nice to enjoy them when they are young and fun and be able to turn them over when they have the chicken pox or the puking flu. And it gives your friends a needed night out on occasion so good for all.

I guess I have totally babbled enough. I will be quite stiff from sitting her for so long. Time to find something for lunch - I am committed to eating more consciously and healthfully. Let's all have a good weekend.
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