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Oh one last thing. My birthday is April 27 - 2 days after Shad's so let's go all out and make it a 3 day, worldwide celebration I just can't believe I am going to be 60 - even though under this hair dye I am all gray and I kind of walk with a stiff gait sometimes. I look in the mirror and see 40ish. No one believes I am my age either. I was talking to my bestie and she said she can't believe we are going to be 60 either. It's like it crept up on us. Although I am PROFOUNDLY grateful for my wonderful, peaceful life of retirement, and really would not want to be 40 or younger because of what I'd have to put up with (working, cramps, lack of personal time, stress, etc). Maybe what gets to me is that sometimes I mourn some lost things of youth - good eyesight, waking up without the whole body hurting, not being so doddering in walking, afraid to trip and fall because a fall takes a lot longer to recover from . I know now that if I lose weight my skin will not snap back into place. I was looking at the young cashier at the Mexican restaurant. She had a lower cut top on that is favored by young girls today and I was thinking - geez her boobs start right under her chin. I had forgotten that while my boobs now stare intently at my belly button (sorry if TMI ) they once sat high up on the chest So there are some things I miss which are lost forever. However I am older, wiser and I love my life now. I am at peace and happier in these last 3 years than I have been in the last 30. I was talking briefly on Facebook to a former coworker who was saying how I was so lucky to escape. It is one big, long, stressful hard time for most of them (management excluded of course). They are pushed to do more and more with not enough people and 10 hour work days are the minimum you put in. No matter what you do, it's never enough and there is always an excuse to cut benefits, cut raises but management bonuses are at an all time high. What does that tell you??? So yes, if the price for what I have and what I enjoy is being 60, then I am glad for that. End of babble.
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