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S/C/G: high water mark/working on it

Height: 5-4


Inconsequential thought of the day: how do hand models handle water retention? My rings, which usually spin around on my finger, have been tight. All week.

So thankful that it's Friday. I've been tormenting myself with trying to revamp my trip home to help care for my folks next month. Do I go earlier? Do I stay longer? DH has really been pushing me to go longer, while brother on site says you'l be needed more down the line, most likely, so do what you think is best. Both options seem best to me - I know how wearying it is to have "company" in your home for so long, and my sister's visit will precede mine. Finally reached a resolution a few minutes ago and it feels like a guilty weight has been lifted. If I don't go for longer, I worried that it meant to others that I didn't love my parents as much as they thought I did, which is certainly not the case. Since we do so much work on nights/weekends, work is thankfully being flexible and allowing me to work remotely when I can and take less time off. This is a new thing, so I want to make sure it works great, to ensure needs are met down the line. To anyone who made it through that nutty thought process, I commend you

Bill - my tomatoes were white inside, mealy and bleh! He took leftovers for lunch, and his coworkers refer to his lunches as gourmet meals, which I secretly like

ForMyGirls - Yay on being back right on schedule - impressive. I hope today is a great continuation on your path.

Flnu - GREAT job on the loss! If you're wondering where it went, I found it. Back out of those danged 160s and mentally that is such a big deal for me. Keep up the great work!

GardenerJoy - I, too, like the image of the good resolutions laying at the base of a window. I will journal that tonight - thank you- they're still there, just not right at my fingertips.

Lexxiss - Do you rent yourself and your gung-ho-ness (it's Friday, grammar is slacking) out to those who need a push? You just GET IT DONE on so many levels. Many kudos.

So close ... now so far!

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