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Hey everyone, weigh in day for me!! I'm super happy to report I had what I would call a whoosh week for me, losing 1.5lbs since last Friday! Well, compared to the last two weeks it was a whoosh anyways as I moved down a measly 1.5 pounds from the beginning of March and then in the last week I lost another 1.5! I guess I don't have too long to go now but still, it's 8lbs and I have to be prepared that this could take me 3 months the way I'm going lately. But, it's great to be at the lower end of the 140s!!

Well done shr1nk1ng, like yoyoma says it must be a real boost to see that 3 in your scale number! The way you're going I'm sure you'll see it again on Monday!

Great news on the 1 pound loss, sum, and so close to the 130s - you'll be back down again in no time!

Move that ticker down yoyoma!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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