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Ruthie I think of you and Madeliene and all this snow etc up there and I know you must really be ready for it to get out of there. We didn't get any more snow, but it has really been cold here and of course many places north of us still have had the white stuff. It is as if Mr. Winter didn't get the memo that he is supposed to be out of here and spring is supposed to be going on. I told DH that I didn't want to fuss too much because I know that we will be wishing for cooler weather when the hot summer hits. Always glad to see you check in.

Carol Sue I made big pitcher of Sassy water yesterday, but I think the cucumber gave me indigestion. I did put the ACV in it and used my liquid Stevia because I read that it is beneficial for diabetics. I made it today without the cucumber. I know ginger root is supposed to be good for digestion so taking the cuke out should make it really good for getting my system straightened out.

I made split pea soup. Someone on another thread mentioned it and then I saw it in the Flat Belly Diet book. So cooked it and added a lot of veggies, even a red potato with skin for fiber and it was good. I took part of the soup and blended it in the MagicBullet and then put it back in for thickness. Oh, I read in the Prevention diabetic cookbook that diabetics can have potatoes if they leave the skin on it. I even make my mashed potatoes with the skin on it and it is really tasty.

My scales are bouncing again up a lb and I hope that means I'm going to see 225 soon. I have to remember that my body does that. I was disappointed at first, but then my fbs was 127 this morning. So that was encouraging. We have to go to pick up a prescription for DH when they call and tell us it is ready and then go to Walmart. I've never tried quinoa, but I hear it is better for us than rice and someone said Balsamic vinegar is really tasty so I just may get some to try. I'm looking forward to spring and the local farmer's market having fresh fruit and veggies.

Oh, I need to tell y'all about something DH and I are doing. I read on FB and then looked up something about making okra water and drinking it 1st thing in the morning before you eat anything. You take a glass of water and cut the ends off of 2 okra pods and slit it from the bottom half way up and place them in the water and let it set over night. Then in the morning at least 30 minutes before you eat breakfast, throw the pods away and drink the water. It can take up to 3 months I think it was but they say many people are getting their fbs back to normal doing it. I really think that is what has kept us from seeing the fbs reading of 200s any more. It has worked slowly and we had a few times that we ran our and I forgot to get the okra when at the store and those days I have seen the numbers up a little, but at least I am seeing the lower #s again. You might want to research and read about it before you try it. I wasn't going to tell our doc, but our numbers were so much better this last time that DH told him. He said, "Well, it obviously works. So keep it up."

I am no doing 45 min/ 5 miles on my recumbent bike. Carol Sue I do the hand weights while I ride. Got the idea from Walk Away the Pounds where she had us walk and use weights. Sure makes my upper back sore though.

Rennie How you doing? Think of you a lot.

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