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Hi Coaches!

We are over at our swim-shack with DD and GD. We came over Tuesday after work and immediately found our "project". We are in the process of cleaning out DH's office and transforming it into a bedroom for our extra family in a way which will also preserve my husband's "space". Everything is out of the room (old carpet included) and new vinyl flooring is sitting outside. I haven't quite figured out how to perform the cutting but will work that next.

Food has been acceptable. I recognize it's because I keep a tight reign on my food environment. No junk to run to in the house-a trip is always necessary. lol. I've used resistance tools to keep as close to plan as possible. Credit. This morning I remembered all my decluttering tools, too, and spent some time putting things back into place as much as possible in order to facilitate the next step. Credit. We go back over the hill tomorrow. If I persist with this vinyl we might get to put everything else back in place, including the new bed. I'm going to give it my best.

I continue to read posts….my lifeline. Thanks everyone!

CeeJay, credit for stopping way before you wanted to! Get back on track is such an important tool.

BBE, yay for attending your class which is challenging your muscles!

ForMyGirls, glad you are back after a rough patch. Yes, getting here the very first day you were able is such a big step!

Cheryl(GosfordGirl), good you are going to make time for food planning during the weekend as you recognize that spontaneous food evolution just doesn't work for you.

Nationalparker, nice job making a special event out of a Thursday night dinner, even if the tomato salad wasn't that good.

Aztricia, yay for trying out a new sounds very interesting! Glad your new battery seems to have solved the problem! PS Loved the FB true!

Flnu, yay for exercise! Yay, too, for continual new personal bests! Yep, stick to what works it's a strategy for success!

6crowsgold, always great to hear from others' how well it works to write a plan and to check everything as you go in order to stay OP. Credit.

Maryann, kudos for your daily quest of maintenance. I, too, have found it much easier to work at that maintenance # on a daily basis rather than letting it slide into 2 digits.

Gardenerjoy, hope those allergies are improving and yay for continuing to work towards that "food won't fix it" spot.

OK, I am off to try and figure out the vinyl cutting dilemma. I am chuckling here….I had to make a quick run to my convenience store that sells the fancy Aspen pastries passing them off as the usual donut-junk. I did notice that the stuff in the display was yesterdays but when I was leaving the Aspenguy had pulled up and actually walked past me with todays fresh delivery. It doesn't get any fresher and I walked out the door! Credit!
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