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Good morning girls. It is mild and wet here this morning. We had some really hard thunderstorms on and off from about 5 PM last night. Of course it is dreary this morning.

I kept the car and am going to go get my nails done and pick up some stuff from Walmart that the commissary is hit and miss with having. I found some really good chicken sausage at Krogers and am going to see if Walmart has it while I am there. I get my nails done in their salon there at the store so it is convenient for sure.

Jack has one more full week of light duty then back to the doctor and probably back on full duty then the second week of April. He seems to be much better and not hurting now so we are hopeful it all healed up well.

I have been reading all the cat who books that I have missed. The library has quite a few, but I am almost caught up on all they have so probably will have to fork out money if I want to read the latest ones. I have read some reviews that were not favorable with her late books and it may have been her age as she was in her 90's when she died and had a book partially written that was never published I guess.

Well gals, I need to go shower and get dressed. Am debating about wearing capris today, but will probably stick to long pants for a bit longer. Have a nice weekend all. Faye
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