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It's been awhile since I've posted. Last week I ate a lot of bread, more than I usually eat, along with the high fiber jam, plus other high fiber foods and by Sat. I had an issue with my tummy. Once it passed I decided to cut back on bread and I feel better. For the past week I've been thinking about whether or not to continue with high fiber. I've decided to continue and get my fiber from legumes & veggies.

Trish, you mentioned the Full Plate Diet book. I have that book and will dig it out to look at the recipes. They also have a facebook page...or they used to anyway...and they have recipes there too. You are doing well.

Pattience, peanut oil is a good oil to use and also coconut oil. I've read that vegetable oil has more Omega 6 that can cause inflammation, at least the vegetable oil here does, or so I've read. Personally, I don't use vegetable oil or corn oil.

Lillianne, I'm sorry you and your family were sick. I hope all of you are feeling better now. I'm happy for you that you've found a plan that suits you. Good luck.

Steelslady, No, we don't go to the Y. I wanted to check it out to see if they had water aerobics or Tai Chi. But, DH wanted to walk the mall instead. Glad you found it...even if it was by accident. As a matter of fact that's how we found it. Thank you for letting me know about the Co-op. I plan on going soon.


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