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Oh yes! Marriage and working from home a vicious combination as I well know from years ago. How long have you been in Asia? Moving house is a stressful time isn't it. We moved house last year after a bereavement. We had spent 35 years in the old house and it was a real shock to my system I can tell you. I ate non stop and ballooned. You've taken the biggest and hardest step by admitting you have a problem and doing something to nip it in the bud.
I have an unflattering photo of me stuck on my fridge to remind me why I mustn't much my way through it. I have put the biscuit(cookie) tin on top of a very high cupboard so that it is difficult to reach and makes me, and my husband for that matter, think twice before reaching for it.
What about an exercise bike? I now make myself walk every day. Because my joints are painful I started on just a few minutes, but I've quickly extended the period as my legs are getting stronger.
Instead of sweets and chocolate bars I keep fruit in prominent places and I've also found that eating little and often helps me feel full. Instead of a big meal, perhaps you could split it into 2 or 3 little ones?
I don't need to suggest water to a gym user do I? A glass stops me munching and also cleaning my teeth helps.
It's Oh so easy to fall into bad habits, but its also easy, when we put our minds to it, to develop good ones. Good luck
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