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Default Help getting started while working from home

Hi, I just registered here... I realize the irony of my situation as I've spent the whole day sitting on my butt currently with an ice cream sundae in front of me, but I really need some help trying to lose a bit of weight.

I never had a weight problem before and never realized that I did have one until just recently, as it crept up slowly! I used to be a gym junkie and very conscious of staying thin, but recently due to lifestyle changes, I've obviously gained a lot of weight.

I've moved overseas to Asia from America, where it's no longer so popular, or accessible, to exercise, and where there's also a lot of great food! I've also gotten married, so I now cook a lot and go eat out with my husband a lot, whereas before I didn't really pay much attention to actually enjoying food. Finally, since graduating college I've also started working full-time from home, which means I can spend the day lying around in my PJs and snacking all the while I work.

So I guess my question is, I don't really even know where to start! I'm not eager to start weighing myself every day or counting calories, but I also do realize that I don't have a very active or healthy lifestyle at the moment. I don't want to be stick thin like I was as a teenager, but I also don't want to keep growing out of my clothes, especially where I live where I'm already a large or extra-large size, and am noticing lumps and rolls for the first time in my life. Any good general tips for dieting and getting started?

Also, does anyone else work at home and have any suggestions for sticking to a diet when the temptation to laze around and eat a lot is always there?
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