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Originally Posted by MauiKai View Post
Ok my 2 new Leslie DVDs came so today I did "Just walk: Hit's party songs" which I think you all call 3 mile party?

Anyway, first impression was "I hate this." Then I decided it wasn't so bad. In fact, it seems a LOT easier than U5 because usually I'm so ready to be done by the end of 1 mile on U5 but today, without even knowing I did it, I completed 2 miles on 3 mile party. I kept waiting for her to say "You did a mile!" But she didn't and I didn't know at first that there would be that little "Mile" tape in the corner of the screen.
Lol I didn't like it the first day either but then after day two and three I loved it. I just remember with that one and the a radio remix DVD thinking that the slow part of the HIIT was worthless. Well apparently it is all the rage and I can attest it works! I don't understand why, but it does. I know that you really have to exert yourself and jog or run hard during the thirty seconds to have it work. Somedays I space out and don't even realize I did the HITT and then I'm not sweating or breathing hard. It is still one of my favorites, but I have found I need to mix up the DVDs so I don't zone out. Plus supposedly it's better for you to not do the same one every day.

My two week break from the college class ended so I had to teach tonight. This means my new day off for the next 8 weeks is Friday. I don't like having Friday off because we usually go out to dinner and I want the exercise. But I can't get home so late and get up at 4:30! My parish has a Friday night soup meal during lent so I'm going to try to talk DH into going but he never wants to as they are too bland for him.

Hit goal on 2/21/2014.
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