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I've never posted on this thread before but since I am around here I had might as well utilize the support. So I have to confess....
First I will say that March has had the least # of binge days since 2012. I am doing better and trying to be nice to myself because i know that the harsh inner critic is like a prerequisite for binging behavior. I have been more of an IE style but I try not to be the IE police because I sure do know how to make strict rules that kick me in the butt later.
Anyways, I did have a binge last night...specifically in the middle of the night. I did stop without making myself physically ill but it is the loss of control and self-sabotage that makes me feel bad. I did recover today and really fought the urge to just continue because why wouldn't you use food to soothe yourself for feeling bad for binging?! It only makes sense (insert sarcasm).

Though I would have liked to have not binged at all, at least I know that i can stop myself from entering the multiple day emotional eating behavior. Anyways, I will check back in here again soon. Wishing you well over the last few days of March!!
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