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Originally Posted by levoguette View Post
Oh my goodness, a bikini challenge pin board would be so much fun! Actually what could make it even more fun was if we could make a group bikini challenge board that we could pin recipes and exercises to! Not sure how that would totally work out, since I know a lot of people prefer to stay semi-anonymous on this site (me included - that's why I have a separate pinterest account made for weight loss things aside from the one all my facebook friends and relatives can see ....) and not sure if there's a limit to the amount of pinners we can add to one board, but it's still a fun thought!
I think thats such a good idea. I did create a bikini thing on my own pinterest (although I did have a mini, damn all my friends can see this now moment) but I think the privacy thing is a good point, so I made a new pinterest just for this here (Okay, apparently I need one more post to put in a link, I will put the link in a post below) If people are happy just give me your pinterest names and I can add you so that everyone can edit the board. Either way, I think it will definitely help to keep me motivated.

I made another soup today for lunch, carrot, lentils and potatoes - a very yummy thick soup, although kind of winter-y feeling. I'm loving being able to cook. That is one thing about me - I'm a a first year uni student in the UK and I'm living in catered halls. I'm back home for five weeks so I can be a lot more choose-y about what I eat. However, come the beginning of May I will be back in halls - so I will have to get all of your advice and become a bit inventive with staying on track. I'm just starting out on a diet (although I feel like I've been on and off dieting throughout my teens) and I want to lose 20lbs by the end of this challenge. I also think I might set myself mini challenges every week to keep myself trying different things.

Mini Goal #1 No longer obese (159)
Mini Goal #2 Half way to healthy weight (146)
Mini Goal #3 Healthy Weight (133)

for every 5lbs lost (1 down 12 to go):
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