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Originally Posted by skittlesfirehawk View Post
Nonameslob how do you make your own?
I follow this method:

I roast a chicken in my crock pot, and then throw all the bones back into the pot with the remaining liquid, add scraps of onions, carrots, whatever other veggies I like (I keep my scraps in a bag in the freezer) and let the crock pot go overnight. There's tons of different methods for making broth and stock, but I like this because it's essentially free Strain the broth when done, refrigerate it and then scoop out the fat on top. Done!


I forgot to take my pictures last night! Hopefully tonight I can do it. I think it will be awesome to see the change over time, and hopefully by July I will need a new swimsuit - in fact, if I meet my goal, that will be my way to congratulate myself.

I am aiming for 15 pounds as well, about one pound a week. If I make this challenge, I'll only have 13 pounds left to lose by the end of the year to meet my annual goal! It's just a drop in the bucket of my total weight left to lose, but I am looking forward to having this challenge to encourage me.

If I get to my goal weight for this challenge, I'll be at my lowest weight in...gosh, at LEAST 6+ years!

Also, this summer we have a trip to Colorado planned and we'll be doing a lot of hiking in the Rockies. So weight loss + fitness are really important over the next few months for me, so that I'll be in optimal shape for this trip.

Thanks for this thread! Looking forward to putting my first week's weigh-in in the spreadsheet!!!
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