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Hello Coaches,

OP today. Tennis lesson last night and ran 5K today. One really fun thing about getting back in shape when starting from such a dismal baseline is that I set a new personal best practically every time I do anything.

I wanted to give a shout out to whoever (Ceejay?) posted about the self-defeating approach of "Oh this is working. I will do something else now." That formulation keeps coming back to me when I am tempted to "do something else" like not stick to my plan. Then I think about what you said and remind myself, oh yeah, stick to what works.

6crowsgold: Yes, I really like Beck’s problem solving approach. For me, it was huge when I understood that I do not have weight problem, I have a behavior problem. I can do something about my behaviors.

BBE: I want to know what’s on the rest of your bucket list, and now I CANNOT be there when you say it with a straight face because I will totally start giggling and ruin it for you. I’m going to mommy-jack your personal again, but I just found out that my six year old has a bucket list. She put swinging from a rope into a lake on the list.

Cheryl: I’ll be interested to hear what happens with your intermittent fasting experiment. I learn so much on this thread! For the record, I am not a smoothie at any time person. Maybe I should be more open-minded.

Maryann: LOL here for you DH and the necklace.

Ladynredd: You win for best first post.

Nationalparker: Yelling, particularly at people who are not in a position to yell back, is completely unacceptable. I would lose all respect for a boss who yells. Unprofessional to the nth degree.

Tricia: Well done for OP and exercise. You manage the pizza days well. That is still a very tough one for me. Thanks for posting the sign – that was good to remember.

Joy: Hope you feel better soon.

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