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Yeah! Safety in numbers girls. I'm so glad to meet the two of you. I am doing 'Shake the weight' Its a UK firm and sold via the internet. It has had good results and has stood up well when analyzed. As far as I can make out, it is the same as the Ideal Protein diet.

I am not doing it as my sole support. I have 3 shakes a day and a healthy low fat low carb meal at night. Because I lost 10lbs last week, my doctor has told me to slow up a bit this week and aim for 2-3lbs loss (by tomorrow) So I've added a couple of hard boiled eggs for breakfast this week. Next week I can go back to week 1 regime.

Yes, I too have a fat wardrobe and a very limited thin one!
Good luck. I'll post my weight loss tomorrow, but I'm not expecting a huge one, Mind you, when we gain a pound its the end of the world isn't it, lose one and it seems next to nothing!
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