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S/C/G: size 12/size 2-4/size 4

Height: 5'5


I am probably around 153lbs - 155lbs. I have not been weighing because in the past, I can become extremely obsessive with the scale and start a starve/binge cycle.

Because I have done this lose weight/gain weight so many times, I know exactly which clothes fit at which weight. 6s are tight at 156-158, loose at 148 or so...142-145 is a perfect size 4 for me. I have been a size 2 at one point, but I was probably too thin and I couldn't keep it off to save my life. Within 6 months of hitting that weight, I ballooned 20lbs upwards.

I lose weight from all over so it usually takes 8-10lbs for a whole size for me.

Training for a race sounds like a great goal. I understand about the exercise though. I do not eat back exercise calories (I use My Fitness Pal), because I am not sure how committed I can be to exercise for the whole rest of my life. That's just the reality. I can't depend on exercise to keep it off. I absolutely MUST track my calories and stick to a set amount while in maintenance.

Thank you for the advice about increasing slowly. I think it will be trial and error. I don't even know what maintenance means for me. I am ALWAYS either trying to lose those few pounds or gaining.... :-(
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