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Originally Posted by pattygirl63 View Post
Lillian Sorry to see you leave. Hope you find the way of eating that works for you. Good luck. Hope you and your family are feeling better.

Today's totals 1592 calories, 2762 sodium (over limit because ate out at Long John Silvers. Ate only 1 fillet, 3 shrimp, 1/4th of the fries shouldn't have eaten any of the fries as they made me sick and ate 1/2 the cole slaw. Fiber is 30 g. Tummy is still a litle upset from eating out. I tell you it is getting to where eating out isn't much of a pleasure to me any more. One it all has way too much sodium and something in it always makes me sick. Of course, so many places use vegetable oil, I think, and I use healthier fats when I cook. So I may not be able to eat food cooked in the oil they use. After all these hours, I can still taste it.
That's why I only eat at three restaurants now. I refuse to eat at the others anymore. My body cannot tolerate those gross, greasy, MSG and sodium infested meals anymore. They are a poison to me! Any time I ate at those other restaurants, I would come home exhausted, achy in my joints, and so bloated, I would gain 3-5 pounds, even when I chose the healthier options and didn't have dessert!

Do you have a Co Op near you? Why not look online for an all natural cafe/store near you, and give it a try?

My son loved the tuna fish wrap he got today, along with their fried rice- so funny, he added salt to his, because he said it needed it. I told him, buddy, listen to me- that's the way it is supposed to taste- your taste buds are so used to salt and sugar from the other restaurants, they don't know what real food tastes like.

He wanted to go to a Chinese buffet today, I told him, no way, no how, but I would take him out to eat at the Co Op. He really enjoyed it, he got a homemade all natural whoopie pie for dessert while I got the fruit and nut bar (flour less) and he enjoyed his lunch thoroughly. When he eats too much sodium, like me, his skin gets red like a sun burn and he bloats up. I don't cook with salt at home, never have, but it is some sauces and the restaurants that he eats out with friends at are loaded with it. I am gently trying to convince him to lower his sodium intake. He has been doing well, but being a young kid, it's hard to resist those yummy wings at his favorite restaurant.

Seriously, though- if I were you, I would look into some natural food cafes. They're really not that expensive, and I will tell you one reason why- because the food is natural and homemade without all the garbage added to it- you actually eat less of it and feel FULLER! That was something I have noticed the four times I have gone to the Co Op this past month- I am full, the food is excellent, and I don't feel bloated and exhausted.

I just hope you don't have a gain tomorrow from the sodium- the high fiber seems to be working for you, I'd hate to see it discourage you if you gain a couple of pounds back from the sodium. Flush it out with lots of water tomorrow, if you do gain from it.

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