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I had a busy day with my darling son- we went grocery shopping, then to the Co Op for lunch, then we both got haircuts. Boy is it ever windy out- poor kid had a hard time keeping his car from going in the other lane- other drivers were struggling as well. I've never seen people drive so slowly up here- even in North Easters, they've gone faster. Crazy weather, ugh!

I had a very high fiber day- the Co Op had basically vegetarian options mostly today. Had some delicious tofu for protein and lots and lots of veggies and a fruit and nut bar (flour less).

I thought of you when I was buying some unsalted peanuts to make my peanut butter- there was some unsalted sunflower seeds in a jar, and in your honor, I picked them up today. I made some peanut butter in the NutriBullet- I filled it up to the max line with unsalted peanuts, added one teaspoon of safflower oil (I forgot my list at home today and forgot to pick up peanut oil, ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr)- it tastes amazing, just like I remember it. You can really taste the peanut flavor without the salt added to it. Next time, I just might toss in some sunflower seeds- my daughter was telling me about the sunflower butter they have at the daycare she works at- they use it instead of peanut butter due to allergies for some kids. She said it tastes great- one of these days, I'll try making it and see how it tastes.

Trish- that is awesome how long you rode the recumbent bike yesterday- good for you, and way to go!!!!! Keep it up, the longer you do it, the easier it becomes. I love my recumbent bike- I usually play music on my tablet loaded with videos from You Tube of my favorite rock bands, while playing Pet Sage or some game. Time passes so fast when I am doing something else while peddling. I did something funny yesterday- decided to pumps my arms like I was running while peddling- got some cardio done doing that, lol.

I'm glad you liked that article on the rocking chairs and porch swings. I remember noticing in previous summers how strong my calves and thighs got, just from sitting out for a couple of hours at night. I wish I could use them all year long, unfortunately, summer's way too short. Looking forward to using them again this year, especially after this long winter!

I noticed your ticker went down a little bit more- woohoo!!!!!!!! You are doing marvelous!

TamTam- how are you doing? Anything we can help you with? I hope you are doing well!

sluggo- thanks so much for the FiberGourmet tip- going to order some on Friday or whenever they re-stock their spaghetti. They don't sell it up here unfortunately, so I will have to order online. I'm going to buy the bulk packages, if you order over $35.00 worth of products, they have free shipping. Saw some crackers and a couple of other things I want to try along with the pastas- so glad you shared this with us!

aleka- how are you doing my NH friend? I thought of you today when I accidentally found the YMCA with my son. We went down the wrong street and found it- never knew it was that close. Do you go there? My hubby and his family used to go to the Y in their town, but we've never managed to buy a membership there- too expensive for us. I should check out their membership and see what they offer. I have a Planet Fitness account, but unfortunately, never use it. I miss going to PF, but I had signed up with my best friend and daughter in their town in Massachusetts and use it when I am there but only once up here with my hubby- doesn't it figure I got very sick with pneumonia a few days later and didn't recover for over three months. I'm a wee bit paranoid to go back, even though I know it had nothing to do with PF. Kinda sad, isn't it?

Anyhow, I am taking a break from cardio workouts today. I might do some trim and tone gentle exercises in a few minutes, but I've been going for over 10 days now either working hard in the pool for over two hours or riding the recumbent bike for two hours a day. My body needs a rest.

Have a great night, all! Have a fabulous high fiber Thursday!

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