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Hello, all! I did well on plan for breakfast and lunch and then stopped at the market on the way home for a quick run through that wasn't so quick and was pricey. Came home HUNGRY despite buying a drink, too - a splurge of a diet fountain soda that I'm sure is no health splurge, but ... still... so I came home and "taste tested" about 220 calories of stuff I bought. ARGH ... I switched up the meal, too, since I didn't have time to cook the turkey meatballs and get everything done without running late, so thanks to Tricia's pizza night, I'm having pizza night with the personal shells. This will be a day at the top end of my 1300-1500 range that seems to be the spot I lose weight if I'm basically inactive.

I need to reread Beck and find things on self-sabotage. I find it interesting that as I was going from one thing to the next here, I was wondering if my dad's procedure was painful - called my brother but didn't catch him, and then grabbed my ultimate comfort food - a small hunk of a baguette and a thin slice of cheese. I think I need to adopt the "food will not fix anything and it'll break me" welll, maybe not BREAK, but ... Boss was literally yelling so loudly today people in other departments walked by to see the issue. Frustrating. OH I FORGOT - I picked up a snack that was 140 calories today after being proud I didn't snack at work - a rarity now (snacking there) ... but right after the blowup I went to the snack machines and got a chex mix baggie. Phooey. I'm starting to suspect that I, too, am a stress eater as well as a boredom eater. Or I just want the "unbounded snacking" as well and look where it's leading me, Bill ... Scale is definitely not budging at all to see that 167 again.

Have tickets to a nice downtown theatre for "Other Desert Cities". I've not seen that performance before, so we'll enjoy a nice treat again this weekend - finally redeeming a voucher from an auction.

Sorry for what ended up as a near-journal entry here.

So close ... now so far!
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