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Wow, lots of updates!! I miss a couple days and we're already on page 2 of a new thread! You all sound like you have got things in hand, even if life is getting in your ways!! Good luck to you all for your weigh ins tomorrow!! I'm going to wait til Friday and then get back to you - fingers crossed!!

Can't believe we're nearly in April! It's getting close to 6 months since I started my weight loss plan and it has really flown by, which is a good sign I guess!
Eating clean and training dirty!

11/15/13 - started phen caps
12/20/13 - down 10lbs
1/31/14 - down 20lbs
4/24/14 - down 30lbs
7/3/14 - made original goal of 135
9/19/14 - reached adjusted goal and began maintenance!!!

I MADE IT!!!! :

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