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Had a very busy day yesterday but not to bad today. I had to make a few changes in the actual run of the plant late yesterday afternoon due to having the one ground storage tank. I had to call B and tell him. The plant has some how gotten air in the lines.
Our insurance meeting went well. I still don't understand all of it and I used to work in insurance but there are some changes for the better. I'm a worry wart at heart.
We've been having some of the most beautiful sunset's. Wish I had a better camera other than my phone so I can make a picture.

Happy that things are getting done to the your new exercise room. I know you will use it more. And congrats on the loss.

You asked about my renovation. It's done and nothing very extravagant. I mainly did some rearranging of the furniture and kept most of the African stuff. I still have a bit of stuff to do but nothing like before. At least I have a place to sleep other than the couch. Are you feeling better?

I'm not sure how to describe my body shape. I'm equal inches in bust, hips and waist. I just call myself rotund. I haven't worn a dress in years simply cause I don't look good in them. I'm not sure about a skirt and top. I mostly wear pants and tops. My work clothes are jeans and a top with our logo on them.

I agree with Shad. Think you will do well in the catering management business. Royce is a handsome little man. Has Jacob gotten better with the rivalry?

So things are going to print. And 21 days left to go for this job. You mentioned push up challenge and helping the bat wing problem. That is the first thing I noticed is how well my arm are getting toned. I'm going to do the challenge again.

I need to go back and see what Coal did.

Did you walk today?
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