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You've all been busy having a great conversation while i've been sleeping. I agree with points made my so many people here.

So long as people are not abusing one another i don't see anything wrong with debate. I think its important.

Regardless of the arguments, most people will follow the course they are inclined towards regardless of what they hear, such as people do with religion. But for some readers the debate may be useful.

I also understand that a lot of people people coming to a board like this for the first time are particularly sensitive. And i don't think telling people to toughen up will enable them to toughen up. But i don't think telling them they are doing the wrong thing is wrong either.

If you see an injured person administering poison to their wounds, do you just let them continue without protest? Well you might if its a drug addict or alcoholic lolling around on the footpath but when someone comes to a site like this, they are effectively giving permission for people to express their opinions.

I also think its useful for people to give an element of the backstory to their choices such as wannabe and her support for IE. For my part, i say why i don't make exercise a key part of my weightloss program anymore. Not that i'm against it or think it would apply to all. I should say it again though - i find regular formal exercise unsustainable. I know many people can do it. I haven't yet been able to keep up such a practice and i always find upon reaching my goal weight and trying to come down from a period of much exercise to no exercise buggers up my continued low weight. I am not saying its the only factor but its a key one. I have just never been able to do it. I admire people who can keep it up for years on end. My sister is one such person and i see many people here are able to do it. But its why i suggest people don't rely on it for weightloss.

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