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Hey all...yup got my credit from Amazon. Bobbi I have had Prime for a couple of years and use it constantly. Between stuff I order, dvds I watch on pc and faster service it more than pays for itself. I actually even get stuff for friends and save their shipping costs. I have the original Kindle that I told the kids not to get me and would order a new one a second after this one dies. It has been with me thru cardio/ortho/more ortho surgeries. Having a good book helped past the hours. I got DH the cheapest plain one and he likes it because it even lighter weight than mine. Let me know if the "white" sucks up battery juice.

Played bridge again today. Waiting for the scores to be posted.

Had a weird experience yesterday with new PT. I have been faithfully doing more than therapists ask me to do since day one. This new guy yesterday told me that regards of what I've been doing on day one of the 6 weeks post op within an hour I was suffer the worse pain I have had. It will last about a week and will repeat again at 12 weeks. Wow nothing let hitting me in the face! I was so upset that I did not complete his therapy treatment. I will have an appointment Monday and it will be exactly 6 weeks and I'll spit in his eye OR ELSE....even if it kills me. k3

ps good book!! "The Physician" by Noah Gordon

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