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good morning everyone! Dh didn't sleep well last night so we didn't go to the gym this morning. It is overcast and cool here today and dh now has a fire going. I am about to go grocery shopping. Yesterday went well with my eating and my weight is dropping down again. I am still hoping to get to be consistent so my weight will go down and not up and down though.

Yesterday I cleaned the carpet in my office, but didn't get much else done in here. In the late afternoon we went to our son's for a short visit as we had to exchange vehicles as we use each others at times.

Wannabee - Yes I got $8.25 credit with Amazon...used it to buy more books! No, really I'm not so good at sticking with a program. The first thing I tend to think of is how I can manipulate the rules to better suit me! LOL But this 1-1-1 is easy because from Home Ec class long ago I learned to plan meals and to think in terms of...whats my protein, my carb and my fat.
That has stayed with me and so it's easy to think that way now. But I do go against rule#3 not eating in the evenings. So far I am being careful though so I think I can get away with that for a while. I'm on Metformin too but I haven't had any problems. I know a lot of people have tummy issues. If I do I have blamed it on something else.

cajun - Nuts are listed in the 1-1-1 book as fat but yes they can be used as protein, if you are using another food for fat. In the accelerated version they would definitely be both in a meal I think, although I don't believe she says that in the book. The accelerated version is very restrictive.

For foods that are a mix like know it's a carb for sure...all that sugar and flour, and if you put much milk in it, it is probably a protein, and if it contains much fat, it's a fat. So all you could have is one serving. See the book for the amount that is. I almost never eat cake, but I'm guessing a small slice. For ice cream cone like I eat...first I get a child-size dip so it's almost 1/2 of a regular serv (may be cheating a bit!) cream should contain milk so that's protein, sugar and the cone are carb and I get chocolate in it plus usually pb so that's fat. I try to not eat quite the whole cake cone. I'm being very flexible about this but that's why I like this can be. But that's my snack. Most desserts will have to be your whole meal or snack as they usually contain all the 1-1-1 requirements. So to be healthy, don't eat them very often! Also the nutrition label can help...if it's highest in carb, it's primarily carb, but if the fat is also high, it's also a fat or the protein is also high it is also a protein. For desserts often it's all pretty high. But at home, like when I make my mochas...the mocha mix has 26 g carb so that's my carb, I add 1/2 c milk, that's my protein, I add 1 T pb so that's my fat. Give it time, read the book over and over, you'll get the idea. Also her FB page has questions and answers.

Lucinda - GFY for not giving in to the temptation of an emotionally driven binge! I have done that many times. So much better to do something constructive.

Bobbi - Glad you got in on that Kindle deal!! Let us know how you like your White Paper. Congrats on the win! I love those concerts but only have watched on DVDs. When I used to visit my brother he had a bunch of those and watched them over and over.

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