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Originally Posted by Syckgirlsfv View Post
I'm annoyed. Not eating bad stuff and still up 3 POUNDS from the weekend! TOM is just days away, and I'm sore everywhere from squats and deep push-ups...but STILL can't make sense of a 3 pound gain?!?!?!?! ARGH! I'm going to have to resort to phase 1 SBD if it doesn't go back down by Friday!!!

anyway, today:

B - instant re-fried beans/cottage cheese/green salsa
L - omaha chicken breast and green peas
S - small fuji apple
D - DH picked up some more fresh broccoli, so I'm going to steam that and have it with probably brown rice and a protein source. Not sure which source, though.

going to the gym after work to do arms/shoulders and maybe a little treadmill. I'm frustrated about the water gain, but I am realizing this hasn't happened for weeks so I am attributing it to upcoming TOM and my muscles holding water. I just hate to see the scale go in the wrong direction :tant rum:
Your muscles are inflamed from the workouts. Check measurements and keep on keeping on. You are making me want to get the bikes out again too. We are having a stretch of rain though.

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