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Afternoon gals. Cool here today. Have to hurry and post as I have to leave in just a few, run by the mail and send my prescriptions to express scripts then go and get Jack.

Both the pharmacy doctor and my gp are very pleased with my blood sugar situations and how I am doing. I have to go back and see Dr Bruijn in 3 months, but I am cut down to only one pill and just a little over half the insulin so I am coming down little by little. I feel really good since I have been off the hormones too. I had to have a blood test today to check my a1c so hope it has come down drastically too, which I am sure it has.

I got a $23 credit on Amazon for Kindle and a $7 credit on ITunes from some settlement over overcharging or something. I promptly order a couple new books that haven't come out yet for Kindle and put an album on my Ipad, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, my favorite group. You can't listen to their music and not get happy!

Susan: Brr little bit cold still at your house it sounds like. We should be in capri weather by the weekend. Wow can't believe she is that age, but then I graduated high school over 40 years ago so I guess time rolls on.

Maggie: I pretty much put everything on my Ipad now. I find a recipe online I like and I just mail it to myself and then stick it in a folder in my mail account then can pull it up and use it straight from my Ipad. I do the same with my knitting patterns. Better than having to print everything out all the time for sure.

Jean: Hope you are doing well. Have to run!

have a great day all. Faye
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