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Hi..I'm back for Personals.

Michelle: Check your PM, I sent you the information on the shakes.
It sounds like you have a great teacher for your chair/office yoga. She is making sure that you are doing what is right for you--that is a great teacher!

I hope your queasy feeling got better.

Pattience: I haven't seen any of those movies but they are on my list of those I would like to see.

Laura: Congrats on having a loss at WW. I had that same loss at TOPS last week. At first I was like--so what..but then I got to least the scales went down which is the direction I want them to go! Glad that things worked out with the situation with your dog and the Installer.

Annie: Hump day should always be celebrated! Good luck with the interview tomorrow. I think you would be good at that job and would like it. Go after it like you want it! If it turns out you don't after the interview and they offer it to you it will help you gain confidence that you have value in the work force (which YOU DO!! ). It's so easy to lose that confidence when your job situation has changed...I know..I have been there. Glad to hear that things are improving for Sissy. I have taken Zoloft in the past (after my dad passed). It was a big help to me to get back to being "me".

Happy: I hope today is a non-vertigo day for you and that your snow is melting.
I like that idea about the cookbook. The very reason I don't like to cook is the time it takes. I need simple, tasty, things to fix.

Terra: You are doing a great job with your walks. I think tracking it on a map would be fun to see how far you are really going.

Ceejay: I hope today is a better, less stress day!

Shad: It's getting towards the end of the week for you...what do you have planned this weekend? You are always doing something fun!

Ok..I must get back to work now. See you all tomorrow.
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